Now what?!

So you've downloaded a plan or purchased a personalized training plan, now what?!?


Each Runaround training plan is designed to give you a specific daily task, some of which may make sense, others which may leave you scratching your head. Don't worry. We are here to help guide you along your journey! 


Additionally, your training plan includes a variety of workout activities each week. All are important to get the fittest, strongest and fastest version of you to the finish line.


So what exactly are these different types of workouts? We thought you'd never ask.



Building strength through speed training is important as you prepare. Throughout this plan you’ll be introduced to a variety of faster paced workouts and drills that will make you a better, stronger runner. You’ll get to do short and long intervals, fartlek, hill workouts and tempo runs. (See Types of Runs in the Glossary for definitions of these).



You need endurance training to help prepare your body and mind to go the distance on race day. You will work on endurance and pacing with weekly Long Runs. It also helps you get familiar with the physical and mental challenges that you might face during a race. Rarely does the Long Run have a specific pace goal as the intention is to complete either the suggested distance or time. But in general Long Runs should be done at a comfortable pace.



Recovering from your workout days is just as important as the workouts themselves. Use these days to run easy and based on how you feel to help you recover at the highest quality possible after intense training. Each week of training includes a number of recovery runs or walks and it is important to take these as seriously as we take our hard workout days!



Great running is dependent on great rest and recovery. These days are meant for you to recharge and recover. It is essential that you listen to your body as you progress through the training plan. Sometimes you will need to adjust the program to fit what you need. And yes, that means that sometimes the best workout or long run will be no run.