Whether your last run was last week, last year, or if tomorrow might be your first, Runaround strives to provide the guidance to make running fun. With training plans and instructive content from running industry professionals, our platform aims to motivate, support, empower, teach, and engage the running community.

Some of Runaround's goals:

  • Share the simple joy of running with people looking for new rituals.

  • Help those new to running enjoy, appreciate, and love the sport of running.

  • Change the perception of running from chore to joy.

  • Low-cost access to high quality resources and expert advice.

  • Act as a stepping stone to guide you to the next level of running.

  • Help people discover that running doesn’t have to suck.

Meet the Team

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Coach Will

Will founded Runaround as an homage to his love of running. With the onset of a global pandemic and ever increasing popularity and necessity of the virtual race, he thought it a crime to deprive runners the ability to connect and learn together. Will comes to Runaround with a wealth of knowledge on all things running. Built on a foundation of over 20 years of training and racing at the highest International levels, he continues to push the boundaries of the sport of running through coaching and volunteer roles. Will has coached and led high school cross-country and track teams to State championships, mentored professional athletes to global medals and helped numerous friends and family members find joy in running. 

Coach Crosby

As a founding member of Runaround, Crosby brings hands-on experience as a community leader, organizer, and as a pretty decent marathoner, having competed in the 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials. From his 20+ years of running ventures and adventures, he is most proud of the That’s Fine Track Club, a running group he helped create in the Bay Area. The group welcomes runners of all abilities, backgrounds, and skill levels, and Crosby's goal is to share that passion and inclusivity with the Runaround community.

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Coach Aisha

Fun, fierce, fantastic, fast are but a few words to describe Coach Aisha. Want more? How about OLYMPIAN! What we love about Aisha: she is so much more than a successful athlete. Few people bring as much joy and levity to a sport at which they are also one of the best in the world! And in her free time Aisha is an advocate for athletes rights within World Athletics and strives to empower young women and girls through the power of sport. Aisha brings her passion for running to the Runaround community and with that comes more inspiration than anyone will ever need. Through sharing her stories, struggles, and triumphs, we all have a lot to learn from this one-of-a-kind superwoman. Try to get her laughing during a Zoom Happy Hour and you might just hear her snort.